About us

We are a new skateboard brand for girls run by womxn for womxn. We are a small team of dedicated designers, illustrators, animators and skateboarders based in New York, London, Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands.

Our skateboards are made in the UK and our clothes are made in Europe. All our own brand stock is made to order on demand so there is no waste.

Items in the Dolls House Skate Shop is made in the UK or Europe mainly by women. These are small businesses with often just one or two people running them.






When you have worn out your skateboard please don't bin it. You can send it to us to be upcycled and sold for charity or if you haven't totally destroyed it we will refurbish it and donate it to a charity.



We are supporting www.skateistan.org

From the website "At Skateistan, children find a fun, safe community where they can play and learn, free from discrimination and violence. Within a diverse peer group they come to understand themselves as equal with others, while learning new skills and building friendships. As members of a thriving learning community, our students develop key life skills and increase their confidence. Children set goals, stay in school, and become involved in civic engagement activities. Many become role models for their peers in the skatepark and classes. At 18, our students graduate from Skateistan and from high school with an expanded notion of community, and the tools to seek out further education and employment. Some become Skateistan volunteers and staff, and all join a global community of active, engaged citizens - promoting such values as equality, education, and inclusion.

50% of  our regular students are girls. Getting girls on skateboards has been a priority since Skateistan's beginning. However, we acknowledge that there are many obstacles to teaching girls — and that is why we hold the support of the parents, local community and government in such high regard. Half of our students are female, giving Afghanistan the highest rate of female participation in skateboarding in the world. They are taught on separate days at the park, by an all-female staff. In South Africa and Cambodia, Skateistan hopes to address the gender gap through their girls-only sessions. We run 14 of these girls-only sessions each week around the world."