Meeting Points for Womxn Skaters

There are 1600 skateparks in the UK (for a map of these see this website We suspect that they are woefully underused by women and girls because we don't know when or where to find other women and girls to meet to skate with. It is intimidating going alone.

We have set up a system of meeting points for womxn skaters. So far there are meeting points at:

    • Elgin Skate Park
    • Nairn Skatepark and Nairn seafront

In order to find the augmented reality tag that is located on either a bench, the ground or wall with the Circus Pony logo you will need to download the app called Mark AR on Apple ( or Android.

You will see a map with all the tags in your area.

The tag will look something like this when viewed through your phone.

image of tag at Nairn skatepark

You will see a small image on a map on the Mark AR map


Mark AR map locating the augmented reality tag at Nairn skatepark


Meeting times T4

We suggest you make a meeting time for your spot. We suggest that if there isn't a meeting time at present that there be one on days of the week with a T in it so Tuesday Thursday and Saturday and at times that divide into 4 so 8am, 12noon, 4pm or 8pm. This gives 12 times a week to meet and it's easy to remember - just remember T4.


With the best will in the world we will not make it to every skatepark so if you would like to add a tag to your local skatepark please follow these instructions:

Download the Circus Pony logo onto your phone

circus pony logo

Download the Mark AR app onto your phone

Go to the place where you would like your skate crew to meet

On the Mark AR app choose Secret Message, then follow the instructions

When it asks you to add a photograph or sticker to the wall, bench or ground choose the Circus Pony logo stored on your phone. Place this where you want it and follow the instructions on the app.

Please email when you have created one and we will add it to a list or Google Map.