Workshops, classes and events

Over the years we have undertaken a variety of art and craft classes in church halls, festivals, community gardens, retreats, city farms etc. If you would like us to put on a workshop in your skateshop or park please get in touch.

In the tradition of street artists like Ron English and Gary Baseman we like to use pop iconography, particularly with reference to animals and how they are used in marketing to young people such as Tony the Tiger on breakfast cereal. Many of our courses have involved chopping up McDonalds Happy Meal toys and repurposing them or upcycling them into other things like dolls or textiles. Allowing young people to question the marketing that is being targeted at them gives them a chance to make a conscious choice about the products being sold to them.


Hello Kitty Extinction Storytelling

The following was a storytelling evening at the Open Arts Cafe at the West London Synagogue. We told a story about an apocalyptic future where all animals have been wiped out and all that are left to remember the animals that existed are man made representations such as McDonald's Happy Meal toys. We invited a Hello Kitty burlesque striptease artist friend to attend and we created a cloak out of old animal toys for her. People had a lot of fun cutting up old Disney toys and sewing, tying and pinning them to the cloak.




Embercombe Ecological Retreat Centre

Workshop at their fair where we made peg doll monsters out of cut up corporate mascots


Ecological Retreat Space, Sussex


Barnesbury Square Park, Islington

Workshop where kids could draw on animals made from modrock and clay

Kids Company

Workshop at the British Museum

Pollocks Toy Museum

Storytelling event with Clare Murphy

Islington Young Actors Theatre

Storytelling event with Clare Murphy


Wilding Festival

Created event banners for St George's Church, Bloomsbury for a festival hosted by Sound Castle to celebrate the centenary of the death of the suffragette, Emily Wilding Davison at the Grand National horse race


Article about animals and children for the Loop Magazine