Progress Pride LGBTQ+ Skateboard

Progress Pride LGBTQ+ Skateboard

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Limited edition of 200. 


Pro quality 100% USA hard rock Maple Popsicle shape deck

Top of the deck comes in mixed stains along with a stained ply in the middle

The laser etched circle Z  logo & size is the sign of hand crafted authenticity

Full size deck with 14.2" wheel base

Widths available in (inches) 7.5, 7.625, 7.75, 7.875, 8.0, 8.125, 8.25, 8.375, 8.5


The Progress Pride flag has been redesigned by an intersex activist to include intersex people.

A yellow triangle with a purple circle in it has been added, to represent intersex people, community and rights.

The new Pride flag was designed by Valentino Vecchietti, of Intersex Equality Rights UK, who is an intersex activist and Diva Magazine columnist, continuing a tradition of Pride flags being updated and reimagined.

Intersex Equality Rights UK explained in the caption of an Instagram post sharing the new flag that the Progress Pride flag itself is a redesigned version of the classic rainbow Pride flag.

“In 2013 Morgan Carpenter and Tony Briffa of Intersex Human Rights Australia designed the intersex flag,” the group said.

“In 2017 under the leadership of American civil rights activist Amber Hikes, Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs developed the rainbow flag to incorporate black and brown stripes to include Black, brown, and people of colour. Building on that in 2018 Daniel Quasar redesigned the flag to include trans people, creating the Pride Progress flag.

“In 2021, Valentino Vecchietti of Intersex Equality Rights UK developed the Pride Progress flag design to incorporate the intersex flag.”